I don’t care if Helen of Troy walks in the room, that’s Game 6!

– Will Hunting

That’s Game 6! started as a diversion – something to do in order to get my mind off work. It was a hobby, really. A way to keep my writing skills sharp and a space in which to voice opinions that might otherwise go unstated, or unexplored.

But it soon became more than that.

Friends and family began reading and they passed the address along to others, and before I knew it, Game 6 had taken off.

That’s when it became my passion.

I soon decided this – writing, commenting, opining – was something I was interested in pursuing as a career. So I applied to Boston University’s journalism school, got accepted, and here I am.

I’m busier these days with schoolwork and the anxieties of trying to establish a career in a struggling industry, so I apologize for the recent pittance of posts. I’m trying.

In any case, if you’re a loyal reader or a first-time visitor: thanks. I appreciate you spending some of your time to read, think about, and discuss what I’ve written. Keep coming back, and tell your friends.


Tom Lakin

  1. Love the new site.

  2. New site is phenomenal

  3. I love your new super good site!!

  4. shit’s tight.

  5. ‘That’s game 6’ is great — its become a staple read for me . Loving it

  6. For someone who barely talks during work you seem to have quite a few of well articulated opinions. Football, track, baseball and witty sports writing? Tom we hardly knew ye.

  7. Ari, this site is absolutely unreal. Gas is high.

  8. Tom,

    I like the site man, keep it up. You gotta keep me informed on all the Boston sports/latest news. PS when are we going to trade lugo?

    Hope everything is going well.

  9. Hi Tom,

    You created a polished blog!
    Good to read.


  10. Awesome site. Heard about this one in Harpswell, Maine from one “great” aunt L.C. 🙂 It’s now being read in Philly… one of the saddest and happiest (at the same time) sports towns in the U.S.


  11. Love the site. Lake’s putting on a Show with this

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