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1 If By Land, 2 If By INT

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In honor of Monday Night Football’s collective tongue-bath of Brett Favre, here is ESPN’s hilarious “This is Sportscenter” clip about dealing with #4’s legendary indecisiveness:


Happy Trails, Tedy Bruschi

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The legendary Patriot retired today with 3 Super Bowls to his name.

The legendary Patriot retired today with 3 Super Bowls to his name.

New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi retired from the game of football today and what else can you say but, you’ll be missed.

Bruschi retires as a fan favorite, a winner, and an iconic Patriot. He leaves behind a legacy of victory and, as he goes forward, he’ll carry with him a resume of storied leadership and true courage. The stroke story has been told and retold, but it really is a perfect illustration of what I’ll call the Bruschi Ethic – intensity, effort, and a strong will in the face of adversity. As he explained during his retirement press conference today, the Patriots facility has a Notre Dame-esque sign on the entrance that reads “Do Your Job,” and no Patriots player – perhaps no NFL player – fully lived that motto more than Tedy Bruschi. He did his job, every day, for 13 years and he did it well. The gridiron was his construction site and his hard hat, a Patriots helmet.

Bruschi will be sorely missed by a fan base for whom he embodied the underdog fighting spirit, but he’ll long be remembered as a paragon of hard work and valor. And he’ll be just as missed, if not more so, by the New England community within which he emerged as a beneficial force and a kindred spirit. His work with the organization he started following his famous stroke, Tedy’s Team, is only one of the ways in which Bruschi has energized and enriched our collective home. Fortunately for us, I have a hunch that he won’t go far.

But at the end of the day, Tedy Bruschi should be honored for what he really was: a gritty, talented, true¬†football player, and a damn good one. The former third-round draft choice worked his ass off to become, as Bill Belichick intoned at today’s press conference, “the perfect player,” and no words here can eulogize Bruschi’s career as appropriately as did the wavering in Belichick’s voice when he said it.

So, a tip of the cap to you Tedy. You were the best. We’ll miss you.

Game 6 is on Vacation in Sunny F-L-A

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Sorry for the absence of posts over the last week or so. Contrary to popular belief, Game 6 has not closed its doors – our staff (me) is simply on vacation and will be for a few more days. Hey, it’s not easy being the head of a heavily-read and widely-discussed Blogging Empire. We need breaks. too.

A few morsels to tide you over until Game 6 makes its triumphant return:

Plaxico Burress: It’s funny that he got 2 years in prison for shooting himself in the leg. What’s not quite as funny is that Donte Stallworth got 24 days for drunkenly killing a pedestrian.

The Sox: The sweep of the Jays helped. The Yankees losses hurt. And the Billy Wagner move confuses me. I’m not sure I follow the logic behind signing a tired 38-year-old closer when you know very well that your current closer is an easily irritated, overly sensitive fireballer of questionable mental stability. I honestly cannot tell you whether this team is going to make the playoffs – and I sure as hell don’t know what they’re going to do if they get there.

RIP, Greg Montalbano: Some of you may have heard that former Northeastern Husky hurler and Red Sox prospect Greg Montalbano, 31, passed away over the weekend after a long battle with testicular cancer. The news of his passing came as a shock to me because, last I’d heard, he’d beaten the disease into remission and was working hard at his dream of one day pulling on a major league uniform.

Montalbano was a Sea Dogs standout

Montalbano was a Sea Dogs standout

If you were previously unaware of Montalbano and had never heard him speak or spoken with him, take it from me – he was special, both as a player and a person. I met him more than a decade ago at Northeastern’s baseball camp, when I was a deeply impressionable middle schooler and he a counselor and rising star in the Husky program. I followed his career ever since as he rose through the ranks of baseball’s minor leagues because, simply put, his influence stuck with me. Here was a brilliantly talented lefty pitcher well on his way to big league stardom, yet he couldn’t have been nicer to an awkward 12-year-old who wanted nothing more than a bit of attention from a Cool Older Guy. Montalbano – and also teammate Carlos Pena, the Huskies two stars at the time – both went out of their way to connect with each camper and I’ve never forgotten it.

When I learned, years later, that Montalbano was stricken with cancer, I was surprised but I didn’t worry. I didn’t worry because I was certain that nothing truly tragic could ever happen to such a down-to-Earth, superiorly talented individual. I figured he’d shrug it off, like a fluke homer in a rusty first inning. I definitely never thought I’d wake up to a headline on announcing his death.

And I wasn’t nearly prepared for how sad I’d be when I did.

Cancer snuffed out one of its brightest lights when it finally took Montalbano this weekend. Fortunately, the work he did on behalf of cancer advocacy and the impressions he made on young athletes will linger, preserving his memory long after we’ve stopped mourning his passing. But that doesn’t lessen the sting nor does it mitigate the tragedy of the situation.

A young man lost his life as a result of an evil, pitiless disease. We should all be so fortunate to have known him.

Uh-Oh. Someone’s Still Got It!

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Brett Favre is a Laughingstock

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The inevitable has finally come to pass:

Brett Favre is the quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings.

I’ve stayed silent thus far on the Brett Favre Fiasco and I’ve done so for a number of reasons.

1) There’s already quite enough Brett Favre coverage to go around.

2) What am I going to say that hasn’t been said already?

and 3) I don’t really care that much about an aging, overrated quarterback.

But I just can’t resist any longer. Here it goes:

Brett Favre simply isn’t that good. He never was, and he certainly isn’t now. The guy has been massaged for years by a media market infatuated with his overblown Regular Guy image – an image predicated largely on blue jeans and gunslinging (gunslinging, of course, sport-speak for throwing costly interceptions). The fact is this: Brett Favre is an old, tired, training-camp-avoiding quarterback who’s uselessness is outweighed only by his indecisiveness.

At least when Roger Clemens pulled this stunt he was still good. Brett Favre is just a joke, and that’s that.

Tiger Got Yang’ed

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By now, everyone has heard:

Unknown South Korean golfer Y.E. Yang, 110th in the world rankings and basically anonymous, took on Goliath and emerged victorious in the PGA Championship at Hazeltine.

And, just so we have it on the record, this qualifies as a choke, right?

I mean, Tiger was leading throughout the weekend. Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Leading. The guy was 14-0 when leading going into the final round of a major (and heaven knows, we all heard about it…over and over again). And then Tiger finds himself paired up with Y.E. Yang and he blows it.

That’s a choke, in any language.

TGIF: Countryfest, Sunday Red, and The Goods

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TGIF, everyone. Friday is finally here. Been a long time coming this week.

I apologize on behalf of Game Six for the late posting – I was occupied with my fantasy football draft (FYI, we got better tonight). Anyway, here are a couple suggestions for the weekend:

1. Countryfest, Gillette Stadium

If you haven’t been, you should go. If you have been, chances are you’re going back. You don’t have to listen to, like, or otherwise care about country music to enjoy this all-day tailgate extravaganza. Simply combine beer, scorching hot weather, and an industrial strength grill and you’re in business. Get there early if you’re going as the parking lots fill up quickly and you really, really don’t want to be stuck on Route 1 for the entire day. Make sure you bring the essentials: Beverages, a basketball jersey (CYO or otherwise), Doritos, a great attitude, and an inflatable palm tree cooler. Seriously – I can’t recommend this experience highly enough. Do yourself a favor and make the trip.

2. Sunday Red

It’s looking more and more likely that Tiger Woods will once again be playing in the last group of a golf tournament this weekend. In this case, it’s a major – the PGA Championship – and if he can hold on for the win (he is, after all, 8-0 when leading a major after 36 holes), it will give him 15 for his career. Can he take the next step towards Nicklaus? I, for one, hope not, but don’t think for one second that means I won’t be watching.

3. The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

If hot weather isn’t your thing – maybe you’re ready for fall, maybe you’d rather hold down the couch, or perhaps you have an embarassing sweating problem – then check out the new movie from Chappelle Show co-writer Neal Brennan, The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard. This movie has a lot going for it – first and foremost a great cast, including Jeremy Piven in Ari Gold Mode, The Hangover’s Ed Helms and Dr. Ken Jeong, and a Will Ferrell cameo. There’s also a hilarious Red Band (uncensored) trailer floating around the Interweb which you can find if you’re so inclined (and I recommend that you do, although I’m not going to post it here) and let’s just say that all signs point towards this movie being pretty damn funny. Anyway, if you want to get out of the heat or have nothing else to do, head to the local cinema and check out The Goods.

Enjoy yourselves everyone. We’ll be back on Monday.

Julian Edelman

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Doggone It! Vick to the Eagles

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He's baaaaaack.

He's baaaaaack.

Michael Vick’s agent Joel Segal confirmed tonight that the quarterback has signed a two-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. The deal’s first year will pay Vick $1.6 million with a $5.6 million option for the second year, as the former Atlanta Falcon begins to work his way out of the proverbial doghouse (pun 100% intended).

Look for a quarterback controversy to erupt in Philadelphia if Donovan McNabb struggles early in the season, especially given the Philly fans’ notorious ambivalence to their veteran quarterback. You have to wonder what’s going through Andy Reid’s head tonight. Will he use Vick strictly as a backup? Will the Eagles experiment with the Wildcat system and install Vick in the backfield? It is at all possible that we see Michael Vick as the starting quarterback in Philadelphia any time in the near future?

These questions and others will be answered throughout 2009 in what’s shaping up to be an extremely interesting – and potentially explosive – NFL season.

In other news, Kent State’s Julian Edelman won himself a Patriots roster spot tonight after the quarterback-turned-receiver unexpectedly morphed into Wes Welker.

Oh, and Tom Brady’s back. And he looks¬†good.

Hug It Out, Youk

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Photo from

Photo from

I love the fire Kev, but c’mon. That was bad. Not Robin Ventura bad, but within helmet-throwing distance of it.