Media Bias?

In Uncategorized on July 29, 2009 at 1:10 pm

Everybody seems to have an opinon when it comes to Allen Iverson. Throughout his career, most of them have been negative. People like to talk about how he’s a punk, they say how selfish he supposedly is, and they ramble on about how many tattoos he has. But until now I hadn’t heard a single story about the Allen Iverson Student Athletic Scholarship Program. Hell, Iverson’s Wikipedia page makes no mention of it, though a good third of the entry is devoted to a section labeled “Controversy.” Weird, right?

Rice rushing 4-year-old Jonathan Keane to an ambulance in 1982.

Rice rushing 4-year-old Jonathan Keane to an ambulance in 1982.

Actually, that reminds me – until recently, I’d never even heard the story of Jim Rice basically saving a young fan’s life after he was struck by a batted ball. All I ever heard about was how much of a surly jerk Rice was, how he sulked around and refused to talk to the media. Nobody ever bothered to mention that he was a damn hero.

Well, yesterday during his ceremony at Fenway, Rice sure didn’t seem like a jerk. In fact, he appeared genuinely touched by all the attention, and his speech was that of an authentically appreciative guy. And Iverson doesn’t look very selfish in the above video clip, either. Actually, he seems pretty generous, and he sounds downright sincere.

Makes you pause and consider just how much power and influence The Media really has, doesn’t it?


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