Losers Walk

In Uncategorized on June 12, 2009 at 1:55 pm
The Yankees and their fans are the Don Zimmer to our Pedro

The Yankees and their fans are the Don Zimmer to our Pedro

What can you even say at this point about the 2009 New York Yankees?

They just can’t beat the Boston Red Sox. I should have known when A-Rod shockingly came through in the clutch with a pair of RBI’s to put the Yankees ahead 3-1 that the Red Sox would eventually win the game. Nothing Rodriguez does ever ends up mattering – that’s just a known fact. But even I didn’t fully expect the Sox to win that game, down 2 in the 8th.

But I should have.

And that’s really what it’s come to here in 2009. Red Sox fans today expect the Sox to win, regardless of the situation. We’ve done a complete 180 since the days of 1912-2003 and the Dan Shaughnessy-created and media-fueled “Curse of the Bambino.” In 2003, we would have lost last night’s game. When the Yankees went ahead, Fenway would have gone silent while the players tensed up, and the game would’ve been all but over. But today, no one gives up until the final out is made. And that’s the big difference in Red Sox fans today. The negativity, with a couple exceptions (see: Shaughnessy), is gone.

After 2004, talking heads in the media wondered aloud whether Red Sox fans would lose their sense of a collective identity now that the Lovable Losers tag had been dramatically removed.

Well, we didn’t. And here in 2009, we’re doing just fine, thank you very much.

But maybe someone should check in on the Yankees and their fans.

It is, after all, Year 5 of the Curse of Dave Roberts.


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