New Boston Movie Alert: Scorsese’s Shutter Island

In Uncategorized on June 11, 2009 at 12:00 pm

Check out the just-released trailer for Martin Scorsese’s next movie, Shutter Island.

Based off a Dennis Lehane novel (author of Gone Baby Gone and Mystic River, among others), the film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels, the man tasked with investigating the disappearance of a convincted murderess from a mental hospital for the criminally insane on a Massachusetts Island.

From the trailer, this one looks to be a departure from the usual Scorsese fare – it has the atmosphere of a horror/thriller film, with no mobsters or corrupt cops anywhere to be seen. You have to love the old-timey, JFK-era Boston accents on display and if you have a keen eye, you might be able to spot some local haunts (much of the filming took place in Taunton and on Peddocks Island off Boston Harbor, while the old Medfield State Hospital was used for the hospital scenes).

I have high hopes for Shutter Island because, as we’ve seen before, most films set in Boston turn out to be great – see: Good Will Hunting, Gone Baby Gone, Mystic River, and The Departed. Plus, the story is sure to be in good hands with Scorsese at the helm and if DiCaprio can rediscover his Departed magic, audiences are in for a treat. 

Look for the movie to make some Oscar noise this fall, after its release on October 2, 2009.


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