Go See The Hangover. Immediately.

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Stu, Alan and Phil after a rough night

Stu, Alan and Phil after a rough night

So, I finally saw The Hangover last night, after enduring seemingly endless hype for it over the last couple months. I didn’t want to believe all the build-up because, frankly, the movie in question usually doesn’t end up being all that funny. Anyway, I went to dinner before and figured I could walk in right at 8 without having to worry about it being too crowded. After all, it was a Monday night at 8 and nobody I know besides me goes to movies on Monday nights at 8.

Turns out the showing was completely sold out. Should have been a red flag, because Monday night movies only get sold out when there is a ton of weekend word-of-mouth or people are seeing it for the second time. But I was still skeptical as I settled into my front row seat and the opening credits rolled. 

I walked out two hours later proclaiming The Hangover one of the funniest movies of the last ten years, right up there with Wedding Crashers and Old School

For the sake of those who haven’t seen it yet, I won’t go into any details about the plot, except to say this – it’s phenomenal and, unlike many other recent comedies, it’s simple. Four guys head to Vegas for a bachelor party. The next morning they wake up with no memory of the night before and quickly realize that the groom has gone missing. Hilarity ensues. There’s no complicated, drawn out romance to wrap up in the end or important message to impart on the audience. It’s just funny, and it’s funny throughout, with almost no exception. 

As for the actors, well, they couldn’t have been better. For a cast of relative unknowns, their comic chemistry is almost unbelievable. Bradley Cooper, of Sack Lodge and Wedding Crashers fame, is awesome as a scumbag school teacher and the friend everyone has who never knows when to say enough is enough. Ed Helms plays dorky dentist Stu, perpetually paranoid and viciously whipped by his girlfriend. He’s a riot, and he would be the funniest guy in the movie – with countless funny lines and the greatest movie song moment since Chevy Chase in Caddyshack – if it weren’t for Zach Galifianakis, who plays the groom’s fiance’s brother, Alan.

Zach Galifianakis, the next huge comedy star

Zach Galifianakis, the next huge comedy star

 Zach who, you ask? Zach Gal-a-fian-akis. Get to know the name, because I guaran-damn-tee you you’ll be hearing it over and over again for years to come. This guy is a certified star in the John Belushi vein and The Hangover is his breakout movie. He is hilarious in a quiet, awkward way and he has an endless string of quotable one-liners that you’re sure to hear oft-repeated. I actually missed some of them because the audience was laughing so hard at a prior joke and the soft-spoken Galafianakis got drowned out. But I caught enough to realize that ZG is the next Will Ferrell – funnier, even – and that The Hangover is his Old School.    

 Just go see the movie, and go soon. The Hangover is awesome. It’s a comedy made the way comedy should be made – raunchy, slightly absurd, and of questionable taste. It’s also a refreshing break from the Judd Apatow school of Star Wars-infested, Seth Rogen-ed, pop culture comedy that has become so naggingly unavoidable recently (and The Hangover also has the added benefit of being funnier than all of the Apatow movies, anyway). So go see it now. Drop whatever you’re doing and find a theater because you don’t want to be late to this party and if you are, you’re missing out. 

You want to be in the Wolfpack, don’t you? (That will make sense once you see the movie, I promise).



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