Movie Monday: Slap Shot

In Uncategorized on June 8, 2009 at 4:56 pm

Time for a new Game 6 feature: Movie Monday. 

That’s right – from now on, every Monday Game 6 is going to toss out a classic cinema recommendation to remind us that, even though it’s only Monday, there is still something to live for (other than the weekend, of course).

Today we head back to the glory days of 1977 – to a simpler time in America, when giants like Paul Newman still walked the Earth and every day was straight out of Dazed and Confused. Why go all the way back to 1977, you ask? Well, because 1977 is when one of the absolute greatest movies of all time was released. 

Yes, I’m talking about Slap Shot – the story of a minor league hockey team named the Charlestown Chiefs and their last ditch effort to stay afloat as a franchise. It was Major League before Major League, an innovator, the first of its kind. If you’ve seen it you already know, but if not I’ll tell you – Slap Shot is uproariously funny, endlessly quoteable, and above all, arguably Newman’s greatest movie. And that’s saying something, when you’re talking about a guy who starred in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Cool Hand Luke, and The Sting. You can debate about the movie all you want, but the fact is that Newman never played a better character than Charlestown Chiefs player/coach Reggie Dunlop. Easily the best movie coach of all time, Dunlop set a standard that can never be topped. He has the funniest lines, gets the prettiest girls (including Suzanne Hanrahan, who, it turns out, is actually a…..nevermind), and is, at the end of the day, a fine leader of men. Watch for his classic exchange with the Chiefs’ female owner near the end of the movie, when Reg offers the lovely lady a priceless piece of marital advice. Dunlop is simply the greatest and he alone is reason enough to see the movie. 

But if that’s not enough for you, then for the love of god, watch Slap Shot for these guys: 

– Dave “Killer” Carlson

– Announcer Jim Carr

– The Hanson brothers and their toy cars, glasses, and phenomenal accents

– Dickie Dunn, the Chiefs’ local sportswriter

– Tim “Dr. Hook” McCracken 

– Ogie Ogilthorpe

– Chiefs goalie Denis Lemieux (“Ownnzzzzzaaa….owwwnnnzaaaa”)

– and last but not least, see Slap Shot for Morris Wanchuk, quite possibly the single funniest, most underrated character in the history of modern cinema. Just see it because I said so, and if you’ve already seen it, see it again.

It’s just that good.


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