Are We Going to See A Melo-Howard Finals? Nope.

In Uncategorized on May 26, 2009 at 12:00 pm
David Stern does not want this.

David Stern does not want this.

With the Orlando Magic and Denver Nuggets putting up a legitimate fight against the Cleveland Lebrons and Los Angeles Kobes, everyone following these respective series has one terrifying thing on their mind: Are we really going to be cheated out of a Lebron-Kobe Finals matchup by a Nuggets-Magic series?


No one wants this. Not me, not you, and definitely not NBA Comissioner David Stern. You just know Stern is hoping – praying – for a Cavs-Lakers finals, and Stern usually gets what he wants. Though he has softened in recent years, Stern has a longstanding reputation as an intimidating NBA boss. It is widely thought that he holds some serious sway over NBA officiating crews and can, with a couple quick calls, tweak a series to his liking. And sure, Carmelo Anthony is currently in the midst of a breakout performance and the league and media are peddling uber-soft Dwight Howard as a star, but let’s be serious: what everyone – and I mean everyone, excluding only the families of Nuggets and Magic players – wants to see is Lebron and Kobe squaring off in the Finals. Just like last year, when everyone wanted to see a throwback Celtics-Lakers series, and that’s exactly what we got. 

So that is why I am guaranteeing, Mo Williams style, that we’ll see Lebron and Kobe in the Finals. Look for some suspect officiating in the next couple games, with the big names getting all the big calls, and don’t be surprised if these two series take a quick and sudden pendulum swing back in the Superstars’ favor. 

After all, it’s what Nike wants and – regardless of everybody else – Nike always gets what it wants. 


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