Does Lebron James Read Game 6?

In Uncategorized on May 23, 2009 at 3:09 pm

Um, remember when I said that Lebron James’ career was severely lacking in magical moments? Well, last night he went ahead and took a big dump on that idea. It was almost as if he read my MJ post and it pissed him off, so he decided to bury what Bill Simmons called one of the “Top-12 greatest shots ever.” Right in my face. Hell, I thought I was in the clear after Game 1 when James had 49 points but couldn’t close it out in the end, somehow failing to even take the final shot. I was feeling good. But then he had to go out and do that last night. And with a jump shot – a freakin’ 3-pointer!

Okay Lebron, I get it. I read you loud and clear: You’re for real. Call off the dogs. 

(It is a shame though that on your big night you were still overshadowed by Marv Albert’s stellar performance, but now I’m just splitting hairs).


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