Welcome Back Large Father

In Uncategorized on May 21, 2009 at 12:08 pm
He's back. (hopefully)

He's back. (hopefully)

Last night we welcomed David Ortiz back from the dead, and what a night it was. It was great to see Papi finally get a home run on his 2009 resume.  When the ball was in the air, I think I heard people literally praying for it to get out. And when it did, the Fenway crowd erupted. When Ortiz reached the dugout, the players initially gave him the Silent Treatment (one of my favorite things in all of sports) and then hopped all over him like he just hit a postseason walk-off. It was a legitimate moment, capped off by Dennis Eckersley (who I like more and more every game) exclaming, “I just got chills!” It was awesome. Of course, Ortiz is still batting .210 with 1 homer but who’s counting? He’s back (we hope). 

I do have to say one thing though – wasn’t last night’s game a little weird?

Brad Penny has a great outing. Jacoby Ellsbury ties a major league record with 12 put-outs in centerfield. Mike Lowell and Jason Bay hit back-to-back homers. David Ortiz gets a curtain call after his first home run of the season on May 20th. And to top it off, Jason Varitek submits a 2-home run game. 

What planet am I on?

Don’t get me wrong, it was a great game. It’s always nice to get a win against the first place team in the division and you love to see the bats come alive like that. But overall it was just an unusual game with a lot going on. It had the feel of one of those games you’ll think back on at the end of the year and perhaps point to as a turning point of sorts.

Let’s hope so.


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