Brian Kenny Bullies “Lunch Money” Mayweather

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From this day forward, Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather should be known as Lunch Money Mayweather because that is exactly what Brian Kenny took from him yesterday during this ESPN interview.

Not only did Kenny take Mayweather’s lunch money, he took Floyd’s dignity, his pride, and his big ego and flushed each one down the toilet. Instead of lobbing Mayweather softballs and letting the former retiree crush them out of the park, Kenny actually did his job and asked Mayweather hard questions – like why his first bout back isn’t against Shane Mosley, who is actually in the same weight class – and Mayweather stumbled and mumbled and fell back on insults when he couldn’t summon any sensible answers. It was a brilliant interview, one that finally revealed the elephant in the room when it comes to Mayweather’s “undefeated” career: 

He’s a ducker.

Mayweather is a spot-picker and a fight dodger. Always has been. When you look at the list of guys he’s made his name beating – Arturo Gatti, Zab Judah, Oscar De La Hoya – at first you think, Wow, those are big names – Mayweather must be really good. But then, after a little research you realize that Mayweather fought all of them after their primes, after their skills had eroded but their famous names had not. It’s a genius strategy, really, perfectly executed by a guy who’s not nearly as dumb as he looks.

Not as dumb, but also not as good. 



Don’t get me wrong, there’s no dismissing the fact that Mayweather is a great boxer. He has a career record of 39-0 and that doesn’t happen without some serious talent. But the key to being great at something isn’t to not lose to anybody – the key to being great is to beat everybody. It doesn’t matter if a guy goes undefeated – to be the best he must make sure that everyone else is defeated – with his name under the check in their Loss Column. To be the best, you have to beat the best. And that is something that Mayweather simply hasn’t done. He hasn’t beaten every great fighter of his era – at least not in their respective primes – and that is a fact that cannot be ignored.

And normally, this wouldn’t be an issue. Mayweather could call it a career and retire with a pristine record and a good reputation. But it became an issue because Mayweather made it one. He wants to be in the Greatest of All Time discussion. He wants people to talk of him when they mention the all-time boxing greats – he wants to be considered the best ever. To listen to him talk, you’d think he already is. But he’s not. Until Mayweather fights the best fighters at their best, he can’t lay claim to any historic label. 

Brian Kenny knows this – he has known it for a long time. He’s labeled Mayweather a ducker before, and Mayweather responded – beating both guys that Kenny named. But this time Kenny wasn’t naming just any fighter. Halfway through the interview he dropped the bombshell name that’s on everybody’s mind:

Manny Pacquiao. The pound-for-pound best fighter in the world and the guy who many think has marched squarely into the void Mayweather left when he retired. 



Pacquiao, coming off his absolute destruction of Ricky Hatton, is the boxer currently standing in the spotlight. His record isn’t as clean as Mayweather’s – with 3 losses and 2 draws – but those decisions came when he was fighting, as Kenny mentions, at a weight of around 1oo-110 pounds. He’s now at 140, lightning fast and a great counterpuncher. He’s no runner, like Mayweather, content to dance around the ring and outlast the other guy. Like we saw in the Hatton match, Pacquiao steps in the ring looking for a fight and when the bell rings, he comes out flying. Prior to his fight with Hatton, I didn’t know much about Pacquiao – I thought he looked like a little guy with a lot of quickness, but I had no idea what kind of power he has stuffed inside his gloves. You don’t expect to see a brutal second round KO in a light welterweight fight – I was ready for a drawn out bout, and even had Hatton pegged for an underdog win – but then, BOOM. That all went up in smoke as Hatton lay stone still on the mat while Pacquiao cemented his pound-for-pound claim. 

Another KO for Pacquiao

Another KO for Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather can talk all he wants about how he retired an undefeated champion, how he’s “not no former number one pound-for-pound fighter,” but until he fights Pacquiao Mayweather will walk around with a giant Looney-Tunes question mark hanging above his head. After his July tune-up fight with Juan Manuel Marquez – interestingly enough, another 35 year old fighter well past his prime – Floyd Mayweather Jr. simply has to take on Manny Pacquiao or risk embarassing himself and his legacy. Why he didn’t just come out and tell Kenny that he would fight Paquiao any time, any place, I have no idea. He talked about every other thing. But just as he has his whole career in the face of a challenge, Mayweather ducked and dodged as soon as Pacquiao’s name was mentioned. “What about Manny Pacquiao?” asked Kenny. Mayweather hemmed and hawed: Well, you know, me and Bob [boxing promoted Bob Arum who works with Pacquiao] have a problem, we have an issue, so that’s gonna be hard to make. I’m almost suprised he didn’t physically duck while he was answering the question.

So the cycle continues. 

“No one has dethroned me, so how am I not pound-for-pound the best fighter in the world?” Mayweather asked at the beginning of the interview. “You tell me,” he said. 

And then Kenny told him – “Because you retired,” he said. 

But he didn’t listen apparently, so I’ll tell him again:

You’re not the best anymore because you quit, Floyd, that’s why. Now Manny Pacquiao is the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the world and he deserves a shot at you. For once in your career, Floyd, instead of running from the ring why don’t you man up and let the world’s boxing fans decide for themselves who is the best . And if you beat Pacquiao, great. You can go back on tv with Brian Kenny and silence him once and for all. But if you lose – well then, you’re just going to have to stop talking. 

If Pacquiao want it, he can get it, says Floyd Mayweather Jr at the end of the interview

So prove it Lunch Money. Let’s see what you got.

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