Celtic Pride

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Magic 101. Celtics 82. 

It doesn’t look like a good result. You never want to see your team on the wrong end of a 19 point swing in a Game 7. But here’s the thing: 

No one expected this injury-riddled Celtics team to make it to Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals anyway. No KG, no Leon, a tired Pierce, a sporadic Allen? No way.

But the Celts persevered and battled their way to a Game 7 and they should be proud of their effort. In the end, they were just too tired to go any further. They have simply played too many  basketball games over the last eighteen months and it caught up to them. You can’t score if your legs are too tired to take it to the hoop or elevate your shot, and ultimately that was the story of Game 7.  “It just felt like we ran out of gas,” said Pierce after the game. And they did. 

You can’t say enough about the way this squad played down the stretch though, with huge contributions from guys like Eddie House, Big Baby and even Scal. I mean, if someone told you that in the ’09 Eastern semi’s the Celtics were going to force a Game 7 with Glen Davis, Perk and Scal playing instead of KG, you would have laughed at them. But that’s exactly what this team did and they almost snuck into the Conference Finals. 

So, I’ll remember the 2008-2009 Celtics team as a team of fighters; a group of guys who fought through adversity and took the season about as far as it could possibly go. These Celtics defended their title with grit and heart, never quitting in the face of seemingly endless bad luck.

Really, in the end, that’s all you can ask for. 


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