Bruins Drop the Canes with Goals and Fists

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In Game 5, the B's brought the fight back to the Canes

Oh, what a win. 

The Bruins looked like themselves again in Game 5 in Boston. They came out flying and hungry, putting in work on the forecheck and on defense. Simply by playing a physical game and protecting the puck, they opened up the ice and were able to find the back of the net 4 times. Instead of stooping to Carolina’s level, the Bruins played their game the way it’s meant to be played and they won big. 

While the Bruins did score 4 unanswered goals, the real story of Game 5 was the toughness they displayed on both ends. When I heard Claude Julien say that the healthy scratch would be a game time decision, I immediately started praying that Shawn Thornton wouldn’t be the guy. Sugar is an essential piece of this Bruins roster and he brings a game-changing attitude to the ice.

Sugar 22 goes to work.

Sugar 22 goes to work.

Maybe he’s not a sniper like Ryder or a dangler like Wheeler, but the guy goes out every night and gives everything he has in his tank. Guys like that set the tones in must-win games and he did it again last night. Between Thornton, Mark Stuart and the Serbian Nightmare Milan Lucic, the Bruins legitimately intimidated the Canes. They were flying around hitting people, playing blue-collar hockey, and it worked the same way it has all year. Forechecks led to offensive puck possession which then led to goals. And all the while, you had Timmy Thomas back in net completely shutting down anything the Canes threw at him. You simply can’t say enough about the job Tank has done during these playoffs. The whole team played with courage and toughness and by the time the final horn sounded, the Bruins looked like themselves again. 

The Carolina Hurricanes are another story. Instead of playing with courage and toughness, the Canes came out slinging cheap shots and cowardice. They put on an absolutely pathetic display of crybaby antics, slashing guys after clean hits (thank God Z is okay), running their mouth and, worst of all, showing intent to injure. Scott Walker’s sucker punch to the face of Aaron Ward in the third period couldn’t have been more of a cowardly move. Not only were Ward’s gloves still on and his hands at his side, Walker was the third guy in! He wasn’t even involved in the original scrum around the net – he flew in trying to act like a tough guy but instead revealed to the hockey world that he is, in fact, a gutless baby.

How's the view from the ice, Scott? Get used to it buddy.

How's the view from the ice, Scott? Get used to it buddy.

Should Walker be suspended for his cheap shot? Probably. Do I hope he isn’t so that Thornton or Looch can have a go at him? Absolutely. There’s no predicting what will happen given the NHL’s wildly inconsistent disciplinary policy, but I’ll cast my vote for letting the players police themselves. I’d much rather see Walker peeled off the ice after a good tune up than have him watch Game 6 from a comfortable seat. Either way, Ward is still most likely out with a broken orbital bone in his face, so the Canes come out on top regardless. That fact alone should light an even bigger fire under the B’s and even if Walker sits, I’d like to see the rest of the Cane team pay his toll. 

In any case, I’m just glad the series finally has some fight in it. I said after Game 2, the Bruins need to find something or someone to hate for them to play their best. Between Walker, Jussi Jokinen, and Eric Staal, there are plenty of targets for that hate now. Let’s hope the Bruins can sustain their competitive fire going back to Carolina. This series is far from over. 

In the words of the great Kevin Millar….

Do not let us win Game 6.


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