Uh, When’s Game 2?

In Uncategorized on May 5, 2009 at 3:19 am

Long Night for the C's

Long Night for the C's

First the Bruins, now the Celtics? Sully’s Tap must have had some kind of ridiculous specials the last couple nights because both the B’s and Celts came out in their respective games with a serious playoff hangover. The Celtics especially looked like a tired team tonight, trailing by as much as 28 early in the second half though they would eventually cut that lead to 4. It didn’t matter in the end though, as the Magic closed the door on a 95-90 win before the C’s could even the score.

A few key facts from a game I’m otherwise done talking about:

– The Celtics aren’t going to win with 9 point performances out of Ray Allen. But given that he actually morphed into Michael Jordan in Game 6, he gets a pass.

– Dwight Howard had 22 rebounds. The Celtics still don’t have Kevin Garnett. You do the math.

– Paul Pierce was the only Celtic starter with a positive plus/minus, with a plus-9.

– Oh, and Scalabrine was a plus-22. Yeah, that’s not a typo. A plus-22. As in, the Celtics scored 22 more points than they gave up when Scal was on the court.

Plus-22 for Scal. Count it!

Plus-22 for Scal. Count it!

Do you think Scal’s ever been a plus-22 at anything, ever before in his life? Like, have his friends ever made 22 more funny jokes than bad ones throughout the course of a night or something because Scal was there? Anything? I say no.

So, a tip of the cap to Scal and a “see you Wednesday” to everybody else.


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