Game 2 Reactions: B’s Asleep at the Wheel

In Uncategorized on May 4, 2009 at 5:01 pm

The B's need to wake up in game 3.

The B's need to wake up for game 3.

Well, that didn’t go as planned. The Bruins, who came intoGame 2 undefeated in the postseason, ran into a brick wall named Cam Ward and that was all she wrote. Ward was brilliant all game, best illustrated by his ridiculous pad save on a point-blank Michael Ryder snipe job in the third. Ward played like the former Conn Smythe winner that he is last night and you have to tip your cap to him. 

But a good goalie is always capable of stealing a playoff game and the Bruins know that. More worrisome to those in attendance was the flat play of the hometown team. The Bruins sleepwalked through the first two periods, only waking up briefly near the end of the third after the Garden played Pacino’s speech from Any Given Sunday on the Jumpletrom. Thank God, because if The Greatest Speech Ever doesn’t get you going, nothing will. The B’s couldn’t get a thing going on offense, as the Canes worked hard trapping the neutral zone and effectively shutting down anything the Bruins could muster. Defensively the Bruins were even worse, with captain Zdeno Chara looking slow and sloppy and Andrew Ference struggling as well. And, worst of all, the usually ferocious Milan Lucic was nowhere to be seen on the forecheck. The Bruins will need him to step it up for Game 3 if they want to have a chance to win in a sure-to-be rocking RBC Center on Wednesday. There was one bright spot during Game 2, as Tim Thomas continued to play well in goal even though the final score didn’t reflect it. When the defense is that bad a goaltender’s only job is to hang on for dear life and keep it close, which Timmy did. 

The game – and the result – felt a lot like the stretch of regular season losses the Bruins suffered through mid-season when it looked like the rest of the league had finally figured them out. The key to Game 3 is going to be physicality throughout. The Bruins can’t let the Hurricanes force them to play the soft, finesse-type game that they know gives them their only chance to win. Something or someone needs to light a fire under the Bruins’ asses because, as we’ve seen all season, when they’re mad they play tough and they play well. Here’s hoping Claude Julien is searching long and hard right now for something that the Bruins can get pissed at. 

Where’s Mike Komisarek when you need him?


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