Ovechkin v. Crosby 1

In Uncategorized on May 3, 2009 at 12:25 am
Stick save and a beauty!
Stick save and a beauty!

The first installment of the much-talked about Alexander Ovechkin – Sidney Crosby playoff battle certainly lived up to the hype. But even with Sid and 8 netting first period goals, the Game One crown goes to Caps rookie ‘tender Simeon Varlamov. His miracle save near the end of the second period was the difference-maker in a game that was expected to be all about offense. Question marks have loomed throughout the playoffs about whether the green Varlamov can handle the bright lights of the postseason, but I think his performance today should put those suspicions to bed, at least for now.

Regardless, the Washington Capitals are a scary team and with a guy like Ovechkin, they threaten to explode offensively at any time. Today, both teams played well throughout and if Game One was any indication, the NHL’s marquee matchup should turn out to be a great series.


I'm a weenie!

I'm a weenie!

Somewhere Gary Bettman is drinking celebratory wine coolers.



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