Hatton vs. Pacquiao aka Hatton vs. A Machine Gun

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Don't do it Ricky

Ricky, get out while there's still time

Manny Pacquiao didn’t just beat Ricky Hatton tonight – he undressed him, stole his jockstrap, burned down his house, and ate his dinner. In one of the most dominating performances in recent memory, Manny made it clear early that Hatton had absolutely no chance to win. And Hatton’s no slouch, bringing a 45-1 record into the ring tonight. A record which now stands at 45 and a resounding, painful 2.

Hatton was no match for Pacquiao’s speed which was, to say the least, impressive. Manny led with lightning fast jabs and vicious hooks from the outset, even as Hatton came out firing early. Hatton seemed almost bizarrely outmatched for a former champion. He connected on a few punches, but overall just seemed sluggish compared to Pacquaio. The first round saw Manny drop Hatton to the mat not once but twice, first with a mean right hook and next following a flurry of hooks and jabs, and the Hitman looked completely stunned during the break. Though he came out with what looked like a renewed vigor in the second, it didn’t last long.

Hatton almost – almost – snuck out of what was actually a decent second round for him. He ducked and jabbed, connecting on some solid punches, and tried to take the fight to Pacquiao. The clock was ticking down on Round 2…30 seconds, 15, 10 and then…..BOOM. Hatton misses, leaving himself vulnerable, and Manny delivers a brutal left cross to Hatton’s throat and jaw and it’s over. Hatton’s out cold immediately and he drops to the mat like a stone into the ocean. Referee Kenny Bayless had the easiest job in the world tonight when he waved the fight off after one look at the horizontal Hatton.

Manny’s punch couldn’t have been cleaner and it had the force of a full windup behind it, leading to a knockout that will be a YouTube staple for years. Hatton spent the next 5 minutes on his back while the ring filled with cheering Pacquiao supporters and doctors trying to bring Hatton back from the dead. It was a gruesome scene, with Hatton sprawled unconscious and financee Jennifer screaming from the audience. Shockingly – fortunately – Hatton eventually got up and walked under his own power to the dressing room, but here’s hoping that he’s at a hospital somewhere right now getting checked out because he got absolutely drilled. He’ll be feeling that one every time he steps into the ring from now on.



Some would argue that a quick fight like tonight’s is a waste of a Pay Per View buy. I couldn’t disagree more. What I watched tonight was total and utter boxing domination. Manny Pacquiao is a man working at the very peak of his craft and he looks like a force that cannot be beaten. The southpaw has some of the fastest hands on the planet and his left cross, as we now know, packs way more than junior welterweight power. I wouldn’t want to be Floyd Mayweather right now staring at the prospect of a Pacquiao rematch. He might want to stay retired.

What the thousands in attendance and the millions watching at home saw tonight was Manny Pacquiao, the Pride of the Philippines, destroy a man in the ring. He dismantled Hatton in the first round and he disposed of him in the second. It was a display of the sweet science at its very best and Manny walked out of the ring afterwards as the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world. You don’t see that every night.

And that’s $49.99 well-spent, as far as I’m concerned.


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