Give ‘Em the Bird: Derby Reactions

In Uncategorized on May 3, 2009 at 12:11 am
50/1. 50 to freakin' one.

How's that dust taste?

Another Kentucky Derby has come and gone and if you ignored me when I said it would be, at the very least, exciting, well, you missed out. A brief recap: Mine That Bird spent most of the mile and a fourth hovering around last place, until he decided it might be a good time to make a break for it, which he did along the inside of the rail and he didn’t stop until he had the Roses locked up by 6 3/4 lengths. Bird’s margin of victory was the greatest since Assault, in 1946. To put things in perspective, you might remember a little horse named Barbaro who was the talk of the town in 2006. He was a top-2 favorite at Churchill that year and he won the Derby too – but only by 6 1/2 lengths.

If you had put a 10 dollar bet down on Bird before the race – maybe because you liked his name or perhaps #8 was your lucky number – you would have walked away from the cash window with $500 in your pocket and a smile on your face. That’s right, not only did Mine That Bird completely dominate the rest of the field, he was a 50/1 longshot, making him one of the biggest upset winners in the 135-year history of the race.


This guy brought his A game.

What a day at the Derby. You had a great atmosphere, a soft track, a thousand unbelievably large hats (are there guys outside Churchill Downs who sell giant hats for ten bucks, like the t-shirt guys outside Fenway?), a miracle upset win, and a winning jockey in Calvin Borel who is so incomprehensibly weird, so completely unintelligible in interviews, and so unintentionally hilarious in his post-race celebrations that you can’t help but be entertained. All in all, it was a great day at the races and another history-making feather in the cap of the Kentucky Derby.

And, if by chance you checked out That’s Game 6 the other day, realized that maybe you should tune in to the Derby and then said, hey you know what, I’ll put a couple bucks on the biggest longshot in the field – well then, it was a pretty damn good day for you too.

You’re welcome.


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